Group Check In Function

It'd be great to have the Check In function available for Groups.

Here's my reason, though if anyone can help me out with a different idea I'd appreciate that too!

Our Thursday/Friday night Children's/Youth ministries are currently set up at Groups. Now that we have the ability to be using Check In, it would be a super useful tool to be using on the night to keep track of what kids are physically on site and to make sure they're being picked up. Groups works well for our ministry groups because attendance can be recorded and communication is really simple.

Our only option for being able to use the Check In system how we want seems to be to merge our Children's/Youth ministries into services. I think there will be a bit of a loss of flexibility and usability if we do this, which is why I'm hesitant.

Our Kid's on Sunday stuff will work great with Check In because it's already linked with our morning church services and hence runs differently to our Children's/Youth ministries.

Has anyone faced the same problem? Has anyone thought of a solution?

Hi Gabriella,

Thanks for the request.

There's a request for this already and I've added your support to it.

For now I  would suggest running these events as Services instead. You can create custom People Views to record the people that generally attend these ministries based on your demographics, service types, locations and/or custom fields that you create to aid in communication. 

Hope this helps,


Hi Gabriella

We use checkin over groups for all our youth and children's ministries.

I have services set up every time they are due to meet - including our weekend services that meet concurrently with "adult" services.  

Specific to children this also allows us to define rooms etc so that we can see who goes where and easily conduct counts / cross checks.

I found groups limiting for attendance as they require constant maintenance as to who needs to be added / removed and as the ministry grows it can become quite unmanageable.

The use of services also allows the kids / youth to develop their own service plan should they require it.



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