Error with embedded calendar

Hi there

We've loaded our calendar to our website by embedding it on our events page, and received the following email from a church member today. Do you have any guidance about what might be happening here?

"When I used the link from your email below I could view the calendar as expected.  However when I entered the church site as normal via my browser, I got an error message when I tried to open the calendar events:

The following errors occurred: You do not have access to this item.

Your advice would be much appreciated!

Thank you


I actually just did this yesterday and had the same problem, but enough digging and I found the answer through playing with buttons.


Under Settings>Calendar there is a setting at the bottom for Allow Guest Access, this has to be enabled. If when you embed your calendar you want it to show services and groups, you have to allow guest access to those as well in this same section.


Choosing what calendars you want to embed is equally important, you can't embed anything that doesn't have "Show in member area" checked or you get the same error (or at least I did when I accidentally forgot to remove my leadership meetings calendar which only shows in the back end for leaders.) 

These changes should fix the error you're getting.

Hi Emma,

Can you let me know if Sam's suggestion has worked at all? If it hasn't can you email me the specific person that is having the issue and which event link they're clicking on?

I'll happily look into this for you.


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