Asset Booking for Services and Groups


I think it could be really helpful if you could add asset booking to services and groups. I know you guys have some things planned for a future update, but thought I'd mention it incase you hadn't thought of it yet. 

Love the work you are doing.

Thanks again, 


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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the email.

This is indeed something that we're thinking of for a future update.


Hi, Is there any update for this?  We have multiple groups meeting in our facility each week and really need some way of managing assets for them!  If this feature hasn't been fully implemented, are there any suggestions on how to help in the meantime?


Hi Derrick,

We've taken the first steps into making this possible, but nothing of note on functionality yet.

For now you could always create a repeating event that repeats in the same way as the group meetings that has the asset booked, and mark it as a private event so that it doesn't appear in peoples calendars.

Hope this helps,


Hi, I am hoping this feature is implemented as well, when will the functionality be added?

Hi Matthew,

I'll add your support to this feature request as well.

I can't give a timeframe for this functionality as we have not yet started development on this specific functionality. You can read more about how we prioritise our development on our Roadmap.

Hope this helps,


+1 please.

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