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I wanted my calendars to be set up very specifically so I can control who sees what events, I have a regular calendar, a volunteer calendar (for volunteer meetings), a leadership calendar (for leadership meetings) and a couple other ones for things like the youth groups, mens and womens ministries, etc.

What I want to do, and maybe this isn't possible, is have it so that if an event is on a calendar that doesn't show up in the member area, a person can still view the event in the member area if they have been invited/marked as attending, that way there is a link to it, even if they don't have access to the admin area calendar. Because I don't want everyone having the ability to get into that.

I would also like a way to get groups to either show up on the member area calendar for everyone or have an option for a group browser in the member area (there's a locator in the admin, but I already know what/where our groups are) Is there some way to do this that I haven't discovered in my exploring or is it a feature that we could consider in the future?



Hi Sam,

Thanks for the email.

When it comes to events appearing in the Member area that aren't in Member area calendars, this currently isn't possible. You can always mark an event as "Private" and on a Member Area calendar. Doing this will ensure that only invitees of the event can see it in the calendar.

When it comes to the Groups though, currently there's no real way to do this. We are looking into possible ways of doing this in the future though.


Thanks Stewart!

I've gone ahead and followed your suggestion for the events, changed my calendar settings to show in member area but the events as private so they'll only show if you're invited.

In case anyone else is looking for a group calendar work around in the meantime, here is what I've done to get around this so it shows in everyone's calendar:

  1. Set all group frequency settings to -None-
  2. Create a "Groups" calendar (In addition to the built-in groups calendar), ensure this is set to "Show in Member Area"
  3. (Optional) Create group registration forms for each group - I used simple forms that include the "Add to group" feature
  4. Create an event for each time the group meets
  5. (Optional) Use the register for event via form option and select the appropriate group registration form (this is so you can have your members find and sign up for groups from the member area)
That's how we are getting around the system right now, it also solves the problem of alternate meeting locations that I've seen other people ask about, as you just have the alternate venue plugged into the event. I also updated my embed code for my website to include the new calendar so that visitors to our website were also able to find our groups through the website calendar.

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