Seeing things I'm rostered on for

How can I, as an end user, see what I've been rostered on for?

The only way I can see to do it is go to "rosters" then scroll down through the list of events to see which ones have a green tick against them. Then click on that event and scroll down the list till I find myself.

That's a bit of a pain - there are currently 11 events/week in the roster (which I think will grow over time) so to look 3 months into the future it takes a lot of scrolling.

Is there somewhere I can go that just lists the things I've been requested to do/have accepted? Is that something that the admins need to enable for our account or something that Elvanto doesn't do (yet)?

Hi Peter,

If the admins want they can go to Settings > Services and set it so that you can only see services that you're rostered on for.

Alternatively, on the Roster Page if you subscribe to the Roster Calendar in your Google Calendar or iCalendar it will only display the services you're rostered on for.

Hope this helps,


Just to add to this, I wonder if a toggle button could be introduced to switch between all and 'Just Me' when the 'let everybody view all services' setting is enabled in roster?


I don't want to subscribe to my roster calendar - I'd rather add the things in manually.

It's helpful to be able to see who's rostered on for a service that I'm not rostered for so I'd prefer the admins didn't have to change it so everyone can only see the services they are rostered on for.

Alastair's suggestion makes sense - it needs some way to allow us to see all services but also only show the ones we're involved in. To me that seems like such an obvious function for a rostering app - let the person see when they are rostered on. I am amazed that Elvanto doesn't allow that to happen.

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