Online Giving advantages

Our church has an online giving service, but it does not integrate into Elvanto. We are investigating switching to one of the four services that do integrate with Elvanto, but we have some questions about what this integration provides. 

Credentials:  For example, we have some members who lose track of having so many user IDs and passwords: one for the payment portal, another one for Elvanto, and sill another one for our WordPress web page. Does integration enable a unified login, so that logging in to Elvanto makes it unncessary to also log into or mogiv or the others? 

Reporting: Does Elvanto "know" who has given what and to which account through the online giving service? Or is reporting split between an account at the online payment provider and our Elvanto data? 

Any other advice or recommendations or warnings are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Hi Bill.

I'm going to leave out any discussion of which one is better as they all have their benefits when it comes to pricing/features etc, and I'm certain other people will be able to give you better reviews than I can.

When it comes to the technical side of things though, generally your members don't need to log into your accounts to give. It's a simple form where they enter their name/email/mobile etc (each system has different information they ask for) and then the information about their giving. 

The providers then use our API to send us that information. We attempt to match the information they send to an existing person and create the transaction. If the person doesn't exist, we create a new person for you.

When it comes to linking the account/fund, each system handles this slightly differently, but when the transaction is sent to us we're told which account it is for.


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