Printing Member List

Hi there 

We distribute a printed member list annually which includes family, emails and phone numbers.

The pdf output from the report is only A4, and we always distribute A5 booklet. Reducing the A4 doesn't work because it makes the print to small for people to read.

Am I missing some option to print? If not, can choice of size of paper be added as Feature Request?


Hi Deb,

Thanks for the email.

At this stage the only way to achieve this would be to export to Excel, and use Excel to scale it into A5 as you desire.

Hope this helps,


Yes and no. The style formatting of the exported pdf is better and easier to read, but scaled down is too small.

To format the excel spreadsheet similarly is a lot of work, but it isn't as easy to read so needs something, and it isn't outputted in a way that makes it useful for merging into a styled document.

So, it helps cause I know what my options are.

Perhaps it can go into Feature Requests.

Many thanks


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