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Hi all

We're trying to use posts as a way for people to connect in Elvanto - our welcome team are using it to mention who they met who was new, our worship team are using it to share songs etc - but we have a challenge in that there isn't a way to let people know if someone has commented on a post. 

Is there any way to have a post aimed at a lockdown group or a department etc then let all the people in that department/lockdown group etc know by email that a new comment has been posted?

If this could happen we could then see these gaining much greater traction (we're trying to move away from the Table for this kind of interaction).

Thanks so much!


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Hi Rhys. 

Thanks for the post.

Currently this isn't something that is supported but there is a feature request for this and I've added your support to this request.

Hope this helps,


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