Is there a way to mass-generate security codes?


We're working toward a system where we use security codes via a barcode scanner to keep attendance through 'self check-in'. Is there a way to generate security codes en masse for the whole congregation (500+ individuals)? The 'generate code at first check-in' option seems really slow.


Hi Graeme,

Thanks for the email.

The easiest way to do this would be to use an import file.

Hope this helps,



we had the same need, and so we made a webapp that generates barcodes on the fly.

- set Elvanto to generate security codes on first checkin (first checkin of unreg persons must be done manually)

- use a online barcode generator to generate based on a string (your security codes). There's several out there. Just find one with a suitable web api.

We made a webapp that selects groups of people (typically based on groups or age...) from your Elvanto db. For each person point to where you generate your barcodes and return the image. We use pads that leaders operate and checks in people.


I would love that if security codes same across family members is defined that upon saving the code against one - it auto generates against all.


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