Unavailability date input removes volunteer from roster

Hi can anyone help.

We publishing our roster's in advance and setting all volunteers to confirmed - thus removing the option for a volunteer to confirm or unconfirm - we want it to be that once the roster is published its too late to change your unavailablilty.

The problem we are encountering is that even once the roster is published and all the volunteers confirmed, someone can just log in, add an unavailable date, and then they are just disappearing from the roster. They get no alert when they add their unavailability to show them they are rostered on duty, and as for the published roster, it then just shows a blank in that area of service, so it looks like no-one was ever rostered on.

Is there any way around this? 

We just want to publish a roster that no-one has access to change other than an administrator.



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Hi Karen,

Thanks for the question.

At this stage the only way to do this would be to simply remove access from unavailabilities.

If you haven't already, I'd suggest looking into setting up Reports To people under Settings > Departments, so that if people to decline services for any reason you have someone getting notified of this.

Hope this helps,


Hi Stewart


We don't want to lose the functionality of unavailabilities as this is really useful when composing the roster in the first place. We are really just looking to lock the roster in place once published so that no amendments can be made other than those we have authorised to make, and at present the unavailability function is bypassing this and allowing people to remove themselves from rotas right up to last minute.

We do get email notifications to the dept leader when someone adds unavailability that removes them from the rota but as it doesn't alert the individual they can be unaware that is has even affected the roster and this puts the responsibility on the dept leader to find cover and we want the individual to be responsible for this.


Hi Karen,

At this stage there's not much that we can do. The only thing that I could suggest is making sure you've emailed people when you roster them on so that they're aware that they're rostered on.


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