Custom Domain - Redirected only?

So I tried to set up a custom domain for our church (i.e which then points to All works great (I set up the CNAME and add it on the Elvanto settings under Layout), except that when I type, the URL on the browser then changes to I'd prefer the congregation to see instead of "being forwarded" to a different website.

Is there a way to change this at your end? According to article and my Web Host support, you need to add a .htaccess file with ProxyPassMatch ^(.*)$$1 line

Or is this not possible at the moment?

Hi Michael!

Thanks for the question.

Sorry for the late reply, the post got caught by our auto-moderator and I only just got the notification about it. 

While it would be possible to allow you to do this over a HTTP connection, this is not currently possible to do over a HTTPS connection. As we serve everything over HTTPS and our SSL certificates are tied to our Domain names, this is not currently possible. 

It is, however, something we're wanting to look into at some point in the future.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for the answer, Stewart! It's not really a big of a deal in a way :) The congregations can still use/remember the sub-domain URL at least. Cheers

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