Better Song Search Options

Elvanto would propel to the top of church management/planning if the following were added to song search...

Search by...


  1. Last Scheduled (this is a major one for those of us that don't want to be accused of "doing the same songs all the time", lol!) 
  2. Key (having a quick sort by key could/would offer planners better flow options for services)

(Would just be nice..)
  1. BPM 
  2. Meter 
  3. Themes 
  4. Lyric 

I'm a previous PCO user and service planner, and this was one of the biggest things that drew myself and referrals to them. You guys have the database capabilities, so it'd be awesome to add this simple search.  Thanks!

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the post.

I'll put this in as a feature request for you. 

Just a quick note, if you use the 'Search' bar in the Songs page, or even the global search, it will search for songs that have the specified text as lyrics already :)

Hope this helps,


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