Anyone displaying Elvanto Live screen to speakers or worship leaders during service?

I'm looking for a way to let the speakers and song leaders know if they are running to time and what's coming up next.  The Elvanto Live feature seemed like it could work.  I'm thinking of either an iPad on the podium or display it on a screen visible from the stage,

Is anyone else doing this?  How well does it work for you?

I'm concerned that the size of the text could make it hard to read at a glance so wondering if anyone had found a better way.

Hi Chris.

Just to let you know there is a feature request for a dedicated 'Timer' view that I've added your support to :)

I have heard of one church that uses a second display that's connected to another computer running live, which only displays the timer section of the screen from the other computer. This might help you out!


Do you know how they display only the timer?  I'm assuming they've somehow zoomed into that area of the screen only, as I can't (could be looking wrong) find a way to set it to display only timer within Elvanto.  

I presume that's what the feature request is for.

I believe they use an external program to basically mirror a selected portion of the display to second monitor. (Somehow!)

The request is for a dedicated method of viewing live that's just the timer and the current item name.


What's the outcome of the dedicated timer option? Anything you can change within live when you tick the "Custom" Box? I.e. width and size of certain headers


Hi James.

The dedicated timer option has been called the Clock View that you see in your screenshot.

The 'Custom View' option only lets you use the colour scheme set for your current layout under Settings > Layouts.


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