Multi-person submission forms: questions and feature suggestions

With the new "Multi-person" forms, we can "Link" the submission to an existing person, but we cannot find the way to "add" the submission as a new person when reviewing the submissions.

We would also find this much more useful with these improvements:

  • After form submission, "actions" should include "redirect" to post or page or url.   
  • Or alternatively, the message that comes up to the user upon submission should be controlled through the form editor, (and not just allow the choice to "return to form.")
  • And it would be nice to be able to customize the text on the "+ Add Another Person" button and the "Submit" button.  e.g. "Add another child" "Nominate another person". "Save/Send this list"


Hi Bill!

Thanks for the post!

When it comes to adding a person from a form submission this should happen automatically if the form is set to add people to the database and you've approved the form submission. It might be best to email us with specifics about the forms this isn't working on if you're having issues though and I'll look into this.

Regarding the other improvements, the custom redirect URL and message is something we're wanting to look into in the future. I'll add a feature request to allow customising the 'Add Another Person' button though.

Hope this helps,


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