Song Select licensing and noting MRL

I have a question about using Song Select integration and licensing for non USA countries, while staying legal.

Following a phone call with CCLI Australia, order for us to distribute Song Select charts, we need to have the Music Reproduction Licence (MRL) noted on the PDF.  As Song Select doesn't do this, it would appear that we can't rely on the Automatically Downloaded sheet music feature.  As such, we would need to add the MRL and upload manually.

Ordinarily this wouldn't be that bad, but in loading up our current back catalogue, it's going to take a fair bit of effort. :/

Out of interest, how are other churches managing this?

This question is specifically non USA as they don't require a MRL, so this doesn't effect them.


Hi Lance,

Thanks for posting.

I'm not sure if other churches have taken steps for this. We're going to be looking into some things we can do on our end for the chord charts we generate once you've added the chords to your songs as per this article, to help you with this though.

Stay tuned for future updates.


Thank Stewart.

I realise this isn't an Elvanto issue per se.  Rather a shortcoming of Song Select as they're a USA based product, with no concept of MRLs.


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