Checking Out - Parent Pictures

We would like to enhance the security and ease of identifying the parents coming in to check in or out our kids. We have requested this before but never got into an update. We would like to have the pictures and names of the parents to show on the Check-in/out screen. This makes it easy for the workers to identify who is picking up or dropping the child. If no picture is available we can then request a picture of the adult to put in elvanto. As we grow, we end up with more kids with parents with out pictures. Identifying them at the moment of dropping off or picking up is the best time to get it and show them that we are trying to cover all the bases when it comes to child security.

A sample of what it could look like is below.

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Hi Pablo.

Thanks for the email.

This could be a really useful.

I'll put a feature request in for this for you.

Hope this helps,


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