Calendar in the app

I was just wondering, about the Calendar:

There seem to be two types of events: 'Services' and 'Events'.

Services are typical worship services, and events are all the rest (meetings, bible study, etc.)

I have created a couple of services and a couple of events - and was hoping that all of them would show up in the app.

When a user - an employee at our church - logs in to the mobile app, they are only shown 'Services', not 'Events'.

Is it possible to view both in the app?

And, another thing. A feature request: Would it be possible, in the app, to show a full monthly calendar? Our volonteerrs and employees use Google Calendar for the time being, and there they can see a full weekly or monthly calendar. Would it be possible to include that in the app version of Elvanto?

Thank you,


Hi Carsten.

Thanks for the question.

There are actually 3 types of events.

  1. Services
  2. Group Meetings, as specified by the groups 'Meeting Details'
  3. Calendar events.
The mobile app itself doesn't look at these specifically, it looks at the users Roster, and as such only shows Services. 

They can always log into the web-app and subscribe to the full calendar to display everything in their own calendar app, but the Elvanto App isn't yet designed for this.

Hope this helps,

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