update on mobile app development and roadmap?

Hello all!!!  

I think it would be really helpful to have general update from the team that includes

1) what is being worked on

2) what is near delivery

3) what features are on your current road map

I realize that this can be extremely difficult but I keep getting inquires about us using an app and rather than explore other solutions (and spend more money) I'd really like to use something that ties in w/ Elvanto app.

Perhaps a "state of the app" blog post?


Hi Isaac,

Thanks for your message! We've had a delay with our mobile app moving forward but we'll soon be fixing this by expanding our development team very soon which we are excited about. This will allow us to spend much more time on it as we know it's a key feature.

Our upcoming releases will most likely include things like the member directory, access to people and groups, submitting attendance and also expanding on our current services and songs areas. 

We'll be focusing on the stuff people need day-to-day and have been collating feature requests from customers.

Feel free to send through some of the things your team are inquiring about and I'd be happy to add them to the list!

Talk soon


Thanks for the reply Ben!

I guess what I am looking for, in a mobile app, is something that brings Elvatno and our website together in one place.  For example, push notifications, easy access to specific "upcoming events" calendar, easy signup forms, etc...

Having been approached by eChurch/PushPay and seeing a demo of their solution ( really makes me eager for something like this....but managing another system seems...unnecessary.   I imagine a system where, once all our member are in Elvanto - an admin could easily set a group (say Male Partners +18) and then send a push notification to that group.  Or, once I (a general user) have the app on my phone, I can just open it and see calendars and signup/register for events....etc.


It kinda seems like the app, currently, being built w/ more "admin" stuff in mind whereas i think getting it in the hands of the congregation is super important as well.


Thanks! :)


Hi Isaac,

Yes, we'll be releasing plenty of congregation features as well. We'll be focusing on the things we get the most requests for first (the things in my list). I'll add your vote for those other areas.

Thanks for sharing!


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