Setting the username in bulk

I want to send login details to a whole bunch of users.  At the moment they have no username or password set.  I understand that they get a link to set the password.  What about the username though?

If they have no username, will they get to create one, or do I have to pre-set them?



Hi Lance,

If they have no username set as well as no password, they'll be asked to set their username as well.

If they do have a username set but no password it will tell them their username and ask for their password.

Hope this helps,


If you haven't already, have a read of this article

Ahhh, great.  Thanks Stewart.

Thanks for the Link Stewart.  I had read the article, but it made no reference to cases where no user name was set.  Hence my confusion.  It may be worth updating it and noting what you said in your initial reply to this thread.

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