Address Standardization

We just had a big outreach event and added over 150 new people to our account based on handwritten registration forms people completed. Since these were hand written, we had several invalid addresses caused by the person misspelling their address, sloppy handwriting, or typos when entering the data. I was able to manually run the entered addresses against an online address standardization tool, which was able to correct most of the errors and notify me of addresses that couldn't be matched and needed to be manually corrected. The whole process took me probably 4-6 hours to complete manually, but I think that most of these corrections could be handled automatically by Elvanto integrating with an address standardization API.

The tool I used was Smarty Streets, which provides 250 free lookups per month (which should be sufficient for many churches) along with some paid plans if you need more. There are numerous other services that provide the same functionality as well.

Have you considered running addresses through a standardization service when adding/changing a person's address?

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Hi Brian,

Thanks for the email.

This has been something thats come up in the past, but not something we were aware of there being an API for.

I'll add a feature request for this.

Hope this helps,


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