Retrieve groups calander


I was wondering if anyone could give me on advice on the best way to get the Groups Calander from the API.  I'm using the "calendar/events/getAll.json" but can't seem to get a valid calendar id using "groups" but I can get it respond with services.  Basically I'm trying to retrieve a calendar of all the bible studies, is there a better way of going about this?

(Just in case my code is wrong this is what my JSON post looks like)

    "page": 1,

    "page_size": 10,

    "start": "2016-08-01",

    "end": "2016-08-31",

   "calendar": "groups"


Hi Nathaniel,

Thanks for the question.

It does appear that the calendar/events/getAll endpoint doesn't return group information. You could always use one of our Groups endpoints to get information about when the group meets but it currently doesn't give as much detail as the built in calendars do at this stage.

Hope this helps,


Thanks for your help!

I've seen a couple times that v2 is in the pipelines.  Do you know any ETA?

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