Calendar Item List Javascript Actions Open New Pages

I'm testing out embedding the javascript version of the calendar item list. I click on the embedded event which opens a new window/tab. If there is a registration option for the event and I click on "Register" and  it opens another window/tab. This means I would have three windows/tabs open for one event. Is this by design? I know I can use the iframe embedded version to get around this, but I have no control over the style with the iframe version. Is it possible to have the "Register" button open the form in the same window/tab instead of opening a new one?

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the email.

At this stage this is by design to help ensure that the details of the event are loaded in a HTTPS tab. The form opening in a new tab is similar.

It may be possible for us to look into this more in the future though and I'll add a feature request in for an option to do this.

Hope this helps,


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