please add ability to combine custom field types


I think it would be very helpful for us to be able to combine field type when creating a new custom field.


combine single select drop down w/ a date field as follows...

Is this person a member of church leadership?

drop down : Position ( No,Pastor, Deacon, Admin,) Date Installed: (mm/dd/yyyy) 


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Hi Isaac.

Thanks for the request.

I'll add this feature request for you as it would definitely be useful.

Hope this helps,


Greetings - wanted to follow up on this and add another note/request...

Allow us to created a "field group" in which access can be assigned to the group of fields.

For example:  We have various "admin fields" that would exist on persons profile (Do they have a key?) That we'd like to group under "Church Admin" - then we can restrict access to the "Church Admin" group and all the fields w/in that group would be affected.



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