We're a small church and don't really want to spend the money on a texting service. One work around is email to text. If I know the persons cell phone number and their provider then I know how to text them by email. For example, It would be nice to have a field where that information can be entered AND used in the email functionality. I know I can add a custom field, but I'm not able to then use that field to email people. This would really come in handy if we want to contact parents to pick up their kids or if there is an issue. 

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the email.

We actually used to offer Email-to-SMS as an SMS option in the past but have removed it from the list as we found the system to be generally unreliable, especially when compared to the paid SMS providers. (And then you have the fun of certain carriers who have multiple different email domains etc)

For now you'd have to utilise a custom field for this and use a third party email client for this.

Hope this helps,


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