Restrict Access to View/Edit Services by Type

In testing services we noticed that the permissions for access services is general and doesn't allow for restricting who can view (or more importantly edit) services by type. We have a general Sunday Service and a Sunday Kids Service. Ideally, we'd like to be able to assign the permission for viewing or editing each of the services by type. So the whomever is in charge of setting up the Sunday Service type wouldn't be able to accidentally edit the Sunday Kids Service type and vice versa. Some additional granularity in the permission assignments for Service would be great. 

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your request.

There's an existing feature request and I'll add your support to this request.

Hope this helps,


Hope you don't mind me pitching in too - but it would also be great to have an 'audit trail' as part of this. With several people often organising/confirming different parts of the same service, it would be great to be able to see who has put different bits of information in a service plan.



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