mobile app - conditional self checkin

Pretty sure this could only be done w/ the mobile app itself, and not the mobile version of the site...BUT, if I'm wrong...awesome!  :D

I think it would be great to allow users to do a "self check in" using the mobile app.

As an administrator - we'd set the "conditions" to enable the self checkin feature...for example...

If mobile user is (1) w/in 500 feet of the church (geofencing) and (2) today is Sunday and (3) time is between 10am and 12pm then enable the button.

Then during the "meet and greet" portion of service, or when they are in the parking lot - people can check in!  :)

Maybe we can get really fancy and add the option to allow them to do a "facebook" checkin at the same time!

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Hi Isaac,

Thanks for the email.

One day we also dream of doing this. We're not sure how we'll do this, but we'd love to do it in some manner in the future.

Hope this helps,


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