Best Way to Determine Inactivity & Archive?

Has anyone developed a good method (report or people view) for determining inactive people to be marked as Contact or archived?

We are constantly bumping up against our cap or 1000 users and it's been very tricky to determine who we should be marking as contacts and/or archiving...

Ideally, a people view or report criteria based on the individuals activity would work, but it doesn't appear that that is a valid criterion for people views.   We tried to do some filter logic regarding whether or not someone has given financially in the past year, but even that seems to give iffy results.  

Any suggestions?

Hi Travis,

There's a number of different ways you can search for this.This article looks at some filters you can use. 

The main things to keep in mind before marking a person as a contact, or archiving them would be the following.

  • Do they need to log into the system?
  • Are they actively volunteering in your church?
  • Are they actively giving financially to your church?
Hope this helps,

Hi Travis

We use a number of People Views as well as conversations (notes) with leaders to determine.  Within views we look at attendance.  If they haven't been for an x period of time it is a good indicator.  This combined with reviewing notes - knowing if there is anything going on helps us make the decision.



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