A simpler way for Songs

Creating songs is very complicated... We always have to switch between Members Area and Admin Area... Where to click to get what file is way too complicated and the Tab-Headings.. Why can't I go into the songs and just edit? Why go all the way to the member area??

Here are some (I would think) simple options that would be SOOO helpful

  • Integration with other software, like OnSong (just a "manual FTP sync" would be soooo helpful). This is week-to-week hard work we do as worship-leaders to sync and print and sort the songs... Please help us better with that. 
  • Or expand the App - which is great! Make it easier so you can just open the first song and then have a little arrow: next song & previous songs... 
  • A simple "Export All Songs as PDF" in the service overview would be SOOO helpful. Maybe in the Export function be able to choose which file/chordchart to use

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Hi Simon

Thanks for the post.

Most of this falls into existing feature requests that I will add your support to. In particular:

  • Making it easier to preview files in the Admin Area
  • The ability to download an 'OnSong' file from the already stored chords
  • A single PDF with all songs for a service.
I'm glad to say that the single PDF is something the developers are currently working on, and is part of the reason we re-worked how we generated chart PDFs not long ago. Stitching PDF's together is really annoying it turns out.

Hope this helps,

Hey Stewart,

how are things going with cleaning up the Song-Area? 

It is SOOO annoying to do my work here and we think about switching to another platform with the songs. It takes me hours to complete that whole process! 

2 more examples:

1.) I deleted all imported files and just created a well done Chord-Pro in the Editor. BUT: In the service plan, I can't download it. It says I have 0 files. So I have to export the Chordpro file to PDF and import it into Elvanto!? If I make changes, delete the file, reupload!?! 

2.) Then there are too many options to choose song versions in too many areas! Which arrangement is it? Which tune-version? Where do I append files? If I put them into the song in general, they don't show up in the... It is sooooo complicated. 

Right now it feels Elvanto robs hours of preparation instead of helping me! And I am usually very intuative und quick with technical stuff. 

There is a huge need to simplify songs. 

Or please do a video tutorial if I miss something here. But as a pastor I actually can't expect my worship-paster (non-staff) to do that, because it's so confusing. 

Hi Simon.

Out of the feature requests I mentioned, the ability to download the ChordPro file, and the ability to merge all the PDFs together are now live and should be working correctly.

If you can email through some specific examples of songs that you're having issues with though I'll gladly look at them, as it sounds like either something isn't working as it should, or somewhere along the line something has been set up incorrectly.

Happy to help,



How/where are we able to print all PDF's from a service together as a single "merged" document?

Sorry, that question was for Stewart, not Simon.

Hi Chaz,

When you view the service in the Roster you'll see a blue dropdown for "Print" and from there you can specify you wish to print Songs, which will generate the single PDF.

Hope this helps,


I'm sorry... do you have a screenshot you can send of what you are talking about? I don't see it.

Hi Chaz,

It will appear here.


If it's not appearing it will be due to one of two reasons:

  • The songs do not have chords, or files, set up for them
  • Your access permissions do not grant access to Printing Service Songs, underneath Roster.

Hey Stewart, 

sorry for the delay. I was traveling a lot. 

The problem has many facets:

1.) It's the CHAOS. What is edit song and what is "Edit"? I want to see the sheet in the Admin-Service-Plan. But it opens a song tab, I click on "Linked song" have to "view it in member area"... That's the biggest problem. 

Let me show you what I mean:

I want to access my Text-based (Chordpro) file to print or send it from the Admin Planner: hardly possible

  1. Click on title:

  2. Click on a very hidden things somewhere right

  3. Change to the Member Area to edit a song?!?

  4. Click on the chart I want

Then ok... I'll just take the appended PDF. It takes 4(!) clicks! For each song. 

  1. Click on file
  2. Click on a Version

  3. NEW TAB!
    Click on VIEW somewhere in the nowhere

  4. NEW Tab and there it is.

Twice I have to do 4 STEPS. Very complicated steps. And so many options in between that hardly anyone every needs. I'd guess. 

Why not do a SINGLE click on the song and then have options: 

View Song (Lyrics, Chords, Files)Edit Song General Details (Name, Category)Edit Song Content (Lyrics, Chords, Files)

No switching between member and admin, song-details and song-edit... 

2.) Thanks for the new feature (Print Songs), which is 

a) very hidden indeed and only available in the Member area (why NOT have it in the Admin as well? Why does the member area have more options than the admin? I always have to switch back and forth)

b) It doesn't print the Chords:


Hi Simon,

Sorry I wasn't able to properly get back to this today. I'll get back to you properly tomorrow.

2b) is definitely a bug though that I'll look at tomorrow and see what's going wrong there. It should be bringing the chords though. 


Hi Simon,

Thanks for your patience with this. The beginning of the year is always busy for all of us!

When it comes to the Member Area vs Admin area, and previewing the files, this has been a deliberate distinction between the areas in the past. We're looking at this again, so stay tuned as we look at this more in the future. The general thinking is that the admin area is designed for editing and creating of songs, not for viewing. That's what the member area is for, which is why it's a lot easier to view the songs file in the member area rather than the admin area. 

I've attempted to look into the chord chart issue, and while I can replicate the issue, I can't find the problem. I've let the developers know and they'll find it and fix the issue.

Hope this helps,


Hi Simon.

We've been looking into the printing issue with the chords not appearing. 

It appears this happens when you don't specify a key for the song, when adding it to the service. If you have a key selected it works fine.

We're going to be changing the way that this works, so that if you don't specify a key when adding the song, we're going to print the default key's chords.

Hope this helps,


I have to agree with Simon. The song creation process is very cumbersome and confusing. Since Elvanto doesn't have a way to display chord charts for our music team members on an iPad during a worship service, we have to rely on other tools to accomplish this purpose. Planning Center Online is your competition. You should take some cues from them as you redesign this area of your application.


As to the song printing, it is useless if you usually use SongSelect Files. I can choose to "include attached files" to my printing, but it is then printing both the TEXT chord file, which we don't usually use, AND the SongSelect attached file for each song. Advice on how to fix this?

Also, I agree that it would be great to view on an iPad without having to use 3rd party tools. 

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