2nd services: Volunteers for Service TIMES not only TYPES

There is this great feature where you can have volunteers serve at a certain service TYPE...

Here is our challenge: Our 2nd service  is completely the same - same plan etc... So it's easy to only use ONE service type with 2 service times... BUT: Volunteers aren't always the same. Some only serve at the first, some only at the second, some serve at both.

The problem is:
You can't configure WHEN any given  volunteer serves. You can say, they only serve at a certain service TYPE... But, choosing 2 types of services, we have to manually put in all volunteers one by one to the second service as well - even if it's the same person (I know, there's the draw+copy option, but still A LOT OF WORK!)

So, a simple solution would be:
Not only restrict certrain volunteers to service TYPES, but also service TIMES...

Is that possible to do? Maybe pretty soon?

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the post.

This is definitely something that would be useful in some scenarios, but would be difficult for us to achieve in the back end. Unfortunately this definitely can't be done soon, due to some refactoring of code that would have to be done before we could even start to look at this, but it's definitely something I'll add a feature request to.

It fits in nicely with a number of other service type related requests that would be nice for us to get around to one day.

Hope this helps,


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