Autofocus on search bar in self-checkin

When using the self-checkin feature with a touchscreen monitor, the user has to "click" in the search bar before typing. If there was an "autofocus="autofocus"" tag in the "input="search" element, the cursor would automatically go there and make the process a little more user friendly.


with focus.png
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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the post.

We'll look into this and see what improvements it does make.

I believe certain browsers don't like that particular HTML tag, but we'll see what we can find.


Cool! I tested it in firefox, safari, and chrome with no trouble. Don't know about IE (boo!) or edge (boo!).

Hi Jeremy

Can I please get some specs about the device that you're using, and what settings you choose to open the Self Check-in window?

Is this using an on-screen keyboard to do the typing, or using a physical keyboard attached to the touchscreen?



Windows PC running Firefox. Using self checkin with alphanumeric on screen keyboard. We're working on using the keyboard in conjunction with a Barcode scanner. If you type using the onscreen keyboard, it will automatically type in the search box, but using the scanner requires a tap in the search box before scanning.


Thanks for that.

We've made some changes and you should see this  live soon.


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