Add more Logic options to People Views and Reporting

I think it would be very helpful to have some more advanced logic, especially regarding attendance.

I know you can do the attended at least x times in the reporting, but you can't combine it with anything else to get good lists.

Adding options for:

  • Setting a dynamic range in the "In between" like "in the last [X] days BUT not in last [X] days" 
  • Attended [X] times in last [X] days
  • Date last attended sort field

Would enable views such as:

  • Ones that were starting to get connected, but may be falling away (Came more than 1x in last 2 months, but not last week)
  • Recent visitors that missed this week (Came for the first time in last month, but not last week)
  • Master prospect list sorted by how recently they showed interest. (Came in last 6 months, sorted by date last attended)
  • People who came back for the 2nd time - (came 2x in last 2 months) It needs to be limited to a date range or you just see everyone who is long gone
There are tons of other ways I think this could be utilized too. With service attendance being one of the MAIN metrics, and with the data and logic already present in the system elsewhere, it seems like not too difficult of an addition.

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Hi Phillip,

Thanks for the post.

There's a number of requests related to this and I'll add your support to these.

These are definitely things we'd like to allow you to do at some point in the future.

Hope this helps,


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