Add date to deceased person

When someone dies and we mark them as deceased, it would be nice to be able to put the date when the passed away and be able to run a report on those dates. This is helpful for pastoral ministry to be able to remember significant dates for different people. Thus I could see when the anniversary of someone's death is approaching.


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Hi Carl,

Thanks for the post.

I believe there is a feature request for this already that I'll add your support to. If there isn't I'll add the feature request instead.

Hope this helps,


For the time being, am I right in saying that I could add a custom field called 'Date of Death', and enter it in before marking the person as deceased?

Is there any way to retrieve this information once the person is marked as deceased?  Or must i temporarily make them an 'active adult' again in order to view their records, and then mark them as deceased once more?

Hi David,

If you've set the value before marking them as deceased, you can still use an advanced search or report to find these values.

Hope this helps,


ok thanks!

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