Greater Functionality for Teams

Hi Guys

I know the teams feature is still relatively new in Elvanto but it seems there still needs a lot of work to be done within it.  I'm not sure what is on the cards but it is quite painful to have to go to different areas to assign positions and then to another area for assigning into a team.

It would be great if it was all in the same place - namely People / Account page.

In my mind:

-  I select the service type(s) they are available for 

-  I specify the Department / Positions to which they are attached

-  I specify the teams to which they need to be added (if any).

I'm not sure how others use teams but for us they are Department specific so if we are able to specify that department against the Team and have a greater link that would be ideal.

My other reasoning for placing teams into People - will allow greater accuracy of data for changes to positions as it won't be forgotten AND it will allow us to report on them and select them for mass manage actions.


Kristy Sonneman-Smith

Hi Kristy,

Thanks for the post.

Putting Teams in the account page is a new idea that I haven't heard before. I'll add that as a feature request for you.

We are wanting to add in the mass manage and filter options for the teams though, as well as the possibility for some built-in reports like the Group People report.

I'll add these feature requests for you.


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