Possible Bug: Statistics widget

Hey Elvanto Boffins...

I'm wondering whether this is a bug:

If I set the timeframe of the stats chart to 'in the last 2 calendar months' the data that shows is the last 2 FULL calendar months (not inclusive of the current calendar month)..

So, on 15th September, it will show all of July & August, rather than all of August and September...

(see the screenshot that I took this morning [30 sept])...

Is it possible to change (or add) a feature to enable us to see the last 2 calendar months, INCLUSIVE of the calendar month that we are currently in?

It's quite annoying that we can't see the actual last 2 months of service data at a glance (If we are at the end of the month, we will potentially be missing 4-5 weeks of data on the chart).

Many thanks!

Hi Steve

This is currently working as intended.

We're wanting to add in more date options to the widget though.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart - Very helpful

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