Unavailability question

Sorry if you got this via Technical Support as well - I didn't get an acknowledgement email so thought it may not have gone through.

I've been testing the ability to enter unavailability prior to rolling it out to our people. I confirmed myself on a number of services over the next month. Then I went on to the iPhone app and submitted unavailability for the dates I had already confirmed. I disappeared on the iPhone roster, and in Admin my name in the Services for those times had a red minus sign. That means that people can be confirmed but then just enter that they won't be there without contacting anyone.

Additionally, when I removed those unavailabilities, my previously confirmed slots were reinstated, and I remained missing from the roster.

Is this expected behaviour? Our practice is that people organise their own swap and then let us know, not just enter an already confirmed duty.

Thanks for any guidance about this and the best way to use it.


Hi Deborah,

I'll answer here as well as the support ticket, just so that others can see the response for future use as well.

There's two different things happening here. 

  1. Under Settings > Services > Roster, you have indeed blocked people from declining services after they've confirmed.
  2. You've also set it so that if a volunteer was to submit unavailability, they need to give you two weeks notice.

When you submit unavailability, it will automatically decline you from previous rostered positions in that time frame, regardless of the setting mentioned in 1) - This much is working as intended from our end.

What I would recommend doing is to change the number for unavailability to change the amount of notice a volunteer needs to give when submitting unavailability, to ensure that they have submitted unavailability for the period that you're going to be rostering. So if you do rosters 3 months in advance, set it to be '3 months' which will prevent this from happening in the future.

Hope this helps,


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