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We have a number of families where the parents are not on any duty rosters, but the children are. Is there a way that parents can enter unavailability for their children?

The smart phone app only allows one person to sign in and there is no way to enter another's availability. Similarly on the web app - Family member can enter some demographic details but nothing else. This is awkward - it means that the admin ends up entering all availability for anyone with children, and parents can't confirm their children's unavailability.

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the email.

At this stage this isn't possible. There is a feature request for this though and I'll add your support to this request.

In general though if the children are going to be getting rostered onto the system we would advise to give the children their login details so they can login and add this in. (Ensure that they have an appropriately restricted access permission)

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