Hide Services from Calendar

I think there used to be a setting for showing/hiding Services on the Calendar (or maybe it was just on the Member Area Calendar), but I cannot find this setting. Anyone know where this setting is hiding or if this option has been changed/removed?

Hi Lance,

Thanks for the question.

This depends on WHO you're wanting to show/hide it from and the same options apply for groups.

  • Super Admins will always see Services/Groups in the member area
  • Non-Super Admins it is controlled by their access permissions. In each access permission in the 'Calendar' option under Member, you'll find it has further options to show or hide the Services/Groups calendars
  • For Guests/Non-logged in users, this is set under Settings > Calendar
  • If you're embedding to a public website, when you generate your embed code you can choose which calendars you want to appear
Hope this helps,

A related request:

It would be helpful if groups could be chosen to appear or not appear for non-logged in users (i.e. Guest access) based on the group category.

We have a number of different group categories, and we'd like to be able to display the groups in our Outreach category on a public calendar, but only show the groups in our Home Groups category to logged in users.

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