Integrate Positions with Reports, Forms, People Flows, Emails & Letters, Access Permissions etc.

We have a Volunteer Coordinator position in our church. Someone new has recently stepped into that role. 

The Volunteer Coordinator oversees the recruitment of volunteers, their training, police checks etc. and their registration. 

The entire volunteering process is in Elvanto. We use forms to register interest, and to sign role descriptions, people flows to process and train, email templates to facilitate, and reports to help the VC see where people are and keep them moving. 

Now that someone new is stepping into the role, we need to go into every form, for every role, every scheduled report email, every people flow admins list, every email template... disconnect the old VC, and add the new VC. 

This is the case for a bunch of roles in our church, and not just for replacing people, but also for on boarding new people to roles like 'Small Group Leader'. 

Imagine if, when creating a people flow step, instead of adding all the small group leaders as admins for a step, you could add "Small Group Leader" - or - in a form, instead of adding the name of the person you want to be notified, you could add "Volunteer Coordinator", so that whoever is in that role is notified. 

That way, if you're on boarding a new leader, or replace a unique position, you can just update that person's profile (probably in departments) and they would automatically receive communications and notifications associated with that role/position. 

If positions are established, you could also link a position with different Access Permissions, so that when someone comes in to, or leaves a position, their access permissions are automatically altered accordingly. 

These positions could be incorporated into the existing 'Departments' section, but many positions aren't rostered positions in services - for example, team leaders, board members, key leadership positions, admin staff etc. -- so at the moment, (unless I'm missing something) the only two options are to A) not reflect all the positions in Elvanto (except with custom Access Positions or People Fields) or B) Fill the 'Departments' section with every role, and have a multitude of roles show up in the Volunteers tab of services that don't need to be there. 

Perhaps it would be possible to add roles/positions into Departments and mark them as "Rostered" or "Not Rostered".

Love your work Elvanto! 

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Hi Brendon,

Thanks for the email.

This is indeed something that we would like to look into in the future, as it's definitely something that we currently handle very well. Going through all your departments to change the reports-to people can definitely be tedious!

I'll add your support to a related feature request for this.

Hope this helps,


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