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My hairdresser always remembers everything we talked about 5 weeks ago! 

I'm convinced he wrote it down, but he assures me he didn't. 

I want to be as good at remembering conversations as he is, and I want to be better than I am at intentionally connecting with people  - both leaders I am leading, and members of my connect group. 

It would be great if Elvanto could bring together a list(s) of people that I am responsible for discipling, and make notes for those people easily accessible, with previous notes viewable... to spark the memory. It would also be great to see the most recent connection recorded, so we can see who we are losing contact with. 

I found an app called "Care Notebook" which helps, but it is a little clunky, and would be much better if integrated with Elvanto (or just part of the Elvanto interface) - it allows me to create groups of people that I'm discipling, add updates when I connect with them (and write notes about the connection), it keeps them in order of most recent connections (so I can easily identify those who I haven't connected with recently), and set reminders and notifications for things to follow up. So much of this functionality is already in Elvanto, but there is just no 'place' for it. 

A designated place to see those you're discipling/shepherding etc and record connections, would be such a powerful tool to put into the hands of our small group leaders, and pastoral care workers. 

Hi Brendon,

Thanks for the email.

Have you looked into our 'Notes' feature? The only thing that it doesn't do very well that you've mentioned is having a specific list of people that you look after, but using custom people views and custom views you can handle that much yourself, and then just create/view notes for the people in that people view.

You can also schedule follow ups using notes, assign them to different note categories as needed. You can even have reports generated and emailed out automatically as needed.

Hope this helps,


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