Bug in 'multiple services' view

Hi Elvanto team,

I've noticed a slight bug in the 'edit multiple services' screen.

Volunteer positions are listed in this screen, even if the department or sub-department they are nestled under are 'hidden' in the service types...

To rectify this, we currently have to go into each service type, unhide the department & sub-departments that particular volunteer positions are nestled under, and then hide each particular position, sub-department and department again (if we want them hidden)...

in other words, if a 'department' or a 'sub-department' is listed as 'hidden' in any service type, this 'hidden' attribute is not inherited by the positions listed under them...

It seems like this only happens when you try to edit multiple services, rather than editing an individual service.

I've attached an image showing how the positions show up in the 'multiple services' view, even though there is no possibility to roster someone into that position (nor do we want to)...



Hi Steve,

Thanks for the post.

Can you please email with the URL of the edit multiple service window when opening this and let us know which positions shouldn't be appearing?

Emailing us is the best way to report bugs.



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