Understanding 'department' & 'demographic' fields in the group settings

Hi Elvanto team,

I'm trying to understand what the 'department' and 'demographic' fields are for in the 'edit' pane of each group settings.

As far as I can tell, it is just for sorting purposes - is this correct?

We currently use our groups alongside the 'departments' in Elvanto so that each ministry team can easily be contacted by their ministry leader as a group... (the ministry teams meet up together for training regularly etc, so we use the reporting function).

Is there a way to populate groups automatically based on departments? (kind of like a smart playlist in itunes - i.e. we set up a query for the group which populates it automatically with all people who are in a particular department).

This would greatly decrease the time and effort spent on administering the members of our ministry groups (adding/removing people from groups manually)


Steve Cimarosti

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the message.

You are correct regarding the Demographic and Department fields. This is simply an option that you can use to filter reports by. 

Currently groups are not designed to be automatically populated. We use 'People Views' for this. If you go to People > Advanced Search you can filter the people you want to contact. Once you've got the filters and results you're needing for a particular view all set and you're happy with them, you can select the 'Save Search' button, so that you can then load the people view at a later point in time. 

These custom people views work in the same way as Custom Reports, and can be saved as either only a people view, or as a report and a people view, letting you view them in both the People and the Reports area.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Stewart,

That is helpful...

One thing that the people view approach doesn't help with however, is group attendance to training meetings and other group meetings, which is why we use the groups to allow for this...

It has also been a lot easier for our lay leaders to use their ministry group rather than wade through people views in the 'people' section of Elvanto.  (The group function seems to be more self-contained and comprehensive).
On top of this, now that we are able to view groups in the member area, this has also been really helpful for team members to contact other volunteers on their particular ministry team - It's a great feature, thanks for releasing that!! 

If it is possible to get 'smart groups' going in the future - we would definitely use them in our context.



I agree with the above, any chance if this has been made as a future request?

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