Questions about "Allow song downloads"

Hi there

I have given all Members the ability to view songs because we attach a YouTube embed code to every song, so that those that want to can view the songs prior to the meeting.

There is a check box "Allow downloads". I expected if that was unchecked then people could veiw, but not download, files attached to the songs. However, any Member can download the files. I want to be able to restrict download but allow viewing, so that Members can see the YouTube video but now download, and Music Leaders can download.

In summary, what does checking "Allow downloads" actually allow, how do I prevent downloads for some and allow it for others?

Many thanks


Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the question! 

Before I answer you on this I'm going to need to check something with the developers as I think something is going wrong here with how it's working.

I'll get back to you once I'm 100% of what's going on and what should be going on.

Hope this helps,


Hi Deborah,

Thanks for your patience with this.

The 'Allow Downloads' checkbox only applies to audio files. In order to allow people to view the other files we currently have to display them in a way that would allow them to download and save them. 

Hope this helps,


Thank you. It could be come a feature request to allow viewing of video without ability to download.

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