Print using Volunteers "Preferred Name"

I'm not sure if "Preferred Name" is a default field that Elvanto has, or if one of the staff from my church added that field, but anyway. 

At the moment I love using the "Print" function when editing multiple services to print out a roster. I use the "Volunteer Calendar" preset and I would love to be able to have this page fill with peoples "Preferred names" rather than "last, first".

At the moment I can print out a roster but I think it's too complex to hand out to my volunteers.

EG: I'd much rather have a roster to hand out that says:
Lights: John
Words: James
Lyrics: Luke
Sound: Matt

Rather than
Lights: Stevenson, John
Words: Winter, James
Lyrics: Nadul, Lucas
Sound: Smith, Matthew

Obviously We'd need to make sure that if we had 2 Johns that they don't get confused but that would be the fault of whoever is setting the preferred names/nicknames

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the message.

I'll put a feature request in for this for you. It would definitely be a useful feature.

Hope this helps,


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