Add 'groups' menu item in 'member area'

Hi Guys,

We would like to put a 'my groups' button on the menu bar of the member area.

However, there is currently no built-in item for the 'my groups' page.

I was able to add a groups item as a 'custom link', however this only ever opens the link in a new tab/window... 

Is it possible to create a new 'groups' item for the menu layout, so that users can click it, and remain in the same tab/window?


Steve Cimarosti

Hi Steve,

Under Settings > Layouts > Default Layout > Menu Editor, if you scroll within the 'Built-in' section you'll find the My Groups and My Giving options in there.


Hope this helps,


My apologies - I didn't realise you could scroll down.

Perhaps making the box bigger would make this option more user-friendly

Thanks for your response :)

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