Have a 'status' field in addition to %schedule_details% for rota reminder email?

Hi guys,

I wonder if it would be possible to add an additional 'status' field to be used in schedule reminder emails.

We often have situations where the confirmation email is not generated when people are scheduled, prior to the reminder email being sent (3 days for us) before a service.

It would be great if a 'status' (confirmed or unconfirmed) field could be appended to the%schedule_details% filed in the reminder email to serve as an extra, discrete, reminder for the person to confirm their schedule if required.

This would be particularly useful where a team leader may be reticent to send a confirmation email if they are adjusting a rota in the mid-week before a service, knowing that the reminder email is generated regardless of a person's 'status' to avoid the person getting too many emails about the same thing.



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Hi Alastair,

Thanks for the post.

We are wanting to have a relook at the various templates for being rostered and make them more consistent. The %scheduled_position% and %scheduled_positions% placeholder works nicely for this in the other templates, but doesn't work here.

I'll put a feature request in for this.


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