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We use Google Calendar and PrintMyCal to print our calendars to distribute to our congregation. A minor inconvenience we run into is that the assets for an event are listed in the summary of the calendar event, so Google Calendar includes the assets in the title of event. This information isn't useful, other than to our department heads, so we have to go through and manually delete the asset information from our calendar before printing. Instead, it'd be nice to just not have it included in the calendar at all, or have a way to opt-out of the asset information when we subscribe to the calendar.

Attached are some screenshots visualizing the issue.



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Similarly, it'd be nice to have an option (per-service type) to show/hide the location from the title of services.

For example, we have a main campus where we host most of our services, but we have an off-site midweek service/bible study. We'd like to show the location for the mid-week service type, but hide the location for the service types at our main campus (since it's redundant).

Hi Brian,

Thanks for the email.

I'll put a feature request in for the assets option. That much is definitely possible. 

For the service/location, at this stage this isn't possible unfortunately, just due to how we build the ICS files. Displaying it for some service types, but not others, would get a bit tricky. That's where I'd suggest seeing if you can use our API to generate that ICS file.

Hope this helps,


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