Add page breaks to Reports

I'm trying to print a contact sheet for each of my small group leaders so they can have all of their group's information handy.

I created a report but it doesn't break it up by page so I have to print a copy of everyone's groups for everyone (a lot of wasted paper and harder the info that is JUST your group).

The other thing I did was created individual reports for each group and then made a comprehensive report of those reports. That was better, but still no page break capabilities.

The solution would be to have the ability to inject a page break in the comprehensive report.

Maybe there's a way to do this, but I'm not seeing it. I could run the individual group reports but with the number of groups we have, that's not very time efficient.

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for the email.

We're actually going to looking into this over the next few weeks :) 

The current plan is to simply allow you to add a 'Page Break' item wherever you need it, and when you export to a PDF, it will break it into a new page.

Hope this helps,

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