Families, availabilities and checking rosters

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Unfortunately, the inability of parents to check their children's rosters and enter unavailabilities has resulted in requests for hard copies of rosters, and those families not using Elvanto. A mother of four children who are on a roster doesn't want to have log in and out of her smart phone 4 or 5 times, or tap on multiples services and hope she doesn't overlook a name, so they are asking for the old hard copy like we used to have.

You suggested each child having a log in - they already have log ins. It doesn't solve the problem for the families, because some of the children are too young to do it themselves.

The same issue arises when partners want to enter availability for each other, or check rosters. They are now just emailing the office to do it because it takes to long logging in and out of each others accounts - and the whole point of the accounts is that they are personal accounts.

So confirming this feature request - the ability of family members to submit availability and view rosters.



Hi Deborah.

Thanks for the post. There's an existing request for this that I'll add your support to.

Hope this helps,


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