Searching for Archived Groups

There's an adv search option: Search for "Groups Status Contains Archived Groups"

What exactly does that do?

Hi Dave,

Thanks for the question.

This will return people that are members of any archived group. 

Keep in mind that this doesn't combine with other filters such as 'Group category - is member of - <Category>' - So you can't use this to find people in an archived group of a particular category. 

Instead the combination of these filters would find anyone that's in any archived group, and a member of an active group in that category

Hope this helps,


So... we can;t even know if their a member of an archived "small group" or an archived "investigating Xnty" group? And we can't display the archived group they're a part of? So basically it just tells us that there were part of something, but we can't know what?

At this stage, that's correct. The 'Groups' display field would only show active groups.

The Group People built-in report, under Groups > Reports will be of more use in this regard to see who is a member of specific archived groups.

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