Multiple email addresses for schedules/sending schedules to parents

We have quite a few younger teenagers serving in our church, which is awesome, they love getting plugged in and helping out and we love volunteers!

We've run into a slight snag though, since the majority of teenagers today don't ever think to check their emails, we've had some times where our scheduled volunteer forgets that they're supposed to be here.

I've had a couple parents ask if there is a way to get the schedule to go to both the youth and the parent so that the parent can add that to the calendar and ensure their child is there when they need to be.

As far as I can tell, there isn't a way to do this currently, so could we add it as a feature request/add my vote to it if there already is one?


Hi Sam,

Thanks for the question.

At this stage this isn't possible. There is a request for this and I'll add your support to this request.

Hope this helps,


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